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Best Price Boat Storage in Stuart Florida

Trying to find a secure Boat Storage in Stuart? Look no further! We have the BEST PRICE and the BEST FACILITY available!

  • Maintaining your boat at the marina can be convenient, but is often expensive and boat cleaning adds to more expense.
  • Storing the boat at home will require effort, takes up space, and leaves it exposed to the elements, and not very attractive for your home.

Fortunately, we have other options available that is cost effective and secure! We have:

  • Indoor Boat Storage areas
  • Covered Boat Storage areas
  • Outdoor Trailer Storage areas

Our Indoor Storage facility

is ideal for preventing long-term damage from the extreme Florida weather conditions.

Our Outdoor Storage facility

has a large outdoor lot that allows you to keep your boat on a trailer with security cameras maintaining security at all times.

Penn Plaza Monthly Rental Price

Unit Size Monthly Total
5x5cc  $             48.00
5x10  $             79.00
5x10cc  $             91.00
5x15  $             96.00
5x15cc  $           114.00
10x10  $           119.00
10x10cc  $           144.00
10x15  $           164.00
10x15cc  $           189.00
10x20  $           199.00

Trailer Storage

Trailer  Not Secured Secured
Size  Monthly Total Monthly Total
0'-20'  $                   60.00  $            85.00
22'  $                   65.00  $            93.00
24'  $                   70.00  $          100.00
26'  $                   75.00  $          108.00
28'  $                   80.00  $          115.00
30'  $                   85.00  $          123.00

Other Vehicle Storage

 Vehicle  Not Secured  Secured
Size  Monthly Total   Monthly Total 
0-20'  $                   85.00  $          110.00
22'  $                   90.00  $          118.00
24'  $                   95.00  $          125.00
26'  $                 100.00  $          133.00
28'  $                 105.00  $          140.00
30'  $                 110.00  $          148.00


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Preparing your Yacht or Boat for Storage:

Routine maintenance and winterizing (for longer periods of storage) are necessary to ensure your boat will run smoothly when it’s time to hit the water again.

Basic Preparation

Top off your gas tank

  • Consider using a fuel stabilizer if you’re putting the boat away for a longer period of time.

Change the oil

Remove any batteries powering electrical equipment inside the boat

  • Consider removing the boat’s battery (if you won’t be using it for a long time).

If the boat requires any repairs

  • Take it into the shop before you put it away in storage
  • Damages, even small ones like cracks and dings, can fester or worsen over the winter
  • It’s best to take care of them immediately if you’d like to keep your repair bill low.

Whether you’re storing inside or outside:

  • Invest in a cover specifically designed to fit your boat
  • This ensures that there are no low areas to collect moisture, but leaves enough room for air to circulate, preventing mildew.

Clean your boat:

  • Make sure to remove any organic material or water from the inside.
  • This can cause rot or mold and cause your boat to smell foul or even inflict significant damage.

Mechanical Preparations

Boat’s Engine

  • Get it up and running
  • Make sure everything is moving smoothly
  • Tighten any parts that are loose or wobbly
  • Disconnect the fuel line and let it run until it stops.

Make sure the propeller shaft is well lubricated—you might want to just go ahead and re-lubricate it anyway.

Flush the system out with the correct flush.

Consult the owner’s manual to see which kit is correct for your model.

Don’t forget that the cooling system requires flushing as well.

Make sure to drain the engine of any water.

Treat your carburetors and spark plug cylinders with fogging oil.

This is fairly straightforward on many boats, as there will be fittings where you can add the fogging oil.

This is a good time to check if your spark plugs require replacing

Spray electrical connections with a coating of anti-corrosion spray.

Clean out the gear case by unhooking the flusher and draining the gear case, then refilling it with lubricant.

Check out the steering column and cables

  • Clean them of any residue
  • Spray them down with anti-corrosion once they’ve been cleaned.

Disconnect the battery from the engine

Spray down its terminals with anti-corrosion treatment.

Finish up with the Motor

Return it to its running position.
Cover it with a canvas or cloth cover.
Avoid using plastic, as it will trap moisture inside.

Preparing Your Boat Trailer For Storage

Preparing your trailer is equally important as getting your watercraft ready for storage.

Preparing your trailer

Check the pressure on all the tires

Tighten all the lug nuts on the wheels.

Make sure the wiring is in order

Your lights should be working to and from the storage facility.

Storing boat outside

Buy an outboard motor lock to secure motor.

If you’re storing for more than a few months outside.

  • Cover the tires to protect them from cracking from sun damage.

Chock the wheels of the trailer.

Use a trailer lock to secure the boat to a large, sturdy object.

Boat Storing Tips

Pay attention to when your boat registration is going to expire so you have the appropriate date for when you are ready to use your boat.

For insurance purposes, take note of any available identification numbers for both your trailer and watercraft. Take pictures of your boat and any other valuable items before storing.

If you’re storing for more than two months, remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry location.

If you’re storing for more than six months, use a battery tender (also called a battery maintainer or charger) to make sure the battery will have enough charge to run when you finally take the boat out of storage.

Always check your boat’s owner’s manual for safety rules and complete instructions for boat storage and towing.

Whatever you decide to do, call us to see which type of storage is right for you.

We guarantee the best price in Stuart, Florida.